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360° Dreamer Rocker Review

360° Dreamer Rocker Review

997 Days Ago.

The 360º Dreamer Rocker is a comfortable place for baby to rest, play, and nap. If baby falls asleep in the rocker, the clever folding seat design allows you to gently lower them into a safe flat position without disturbing their dreams. The seat can swivel on its base, allowing you to rock baby front-to-back or side-to-side, or the rubber feet can be stabilised for no rocking. The removable toy bar features simple geometric-shaped toys that encourage baby to focus, strengthening their developing eye muscles. The Dreamer Rocker features adjustable vibration, which most babies find very soothing, along with a choice of musical tunes, nature sounds, and white noise.

The 360º Dreamer Rocker is part of the Rest & Play range, and features the stylish geometric Solitaire print with neutral grey and aqua trims. It includes waist and crotch straps to keep baby secure. It's suitable from birth to around 6 months / 9kg in Dreamer mode, and in Play mode. Suitable as a toddler seat (with the feet stabilised and toy bar removed) up to 15kg.

"When it comes to shopping for your new little baby, there are TONS of 'must-have' items that you will be told about. I was then introduced to the new 360° Dreamer Rocker by East Coast and I cannot recommend it highly enough."

You can read the full review from The Baby Website here.

“Say Hello” To Tummy Time Review

“Say Hello” To Tummy Time Review

1036 Days Ago.

The Baby Lady has reviewed our “Say Hello” To Tummy Time, as part of the product testing for the Mother & Baby Awards.

“Say Hello” To Tummy Time is a padded mat, featuring a variety of sensory activities to help to hold your baby’s attention while they are on their front. Tummy time is essential for babies’ development, helping to strengthen their muscles, improving their coordination and getting them ready for crawling.

Some babies find being on their tummy unfamiliar and upsetting, so using a supportive cushion and an interesting mat can help them to enjoy it.

You can read what Jaime and her baby Victor thought of it here:

East Coast Nursery featured in Casey Barker Vlogs

East Coast Nursery featured in Casey Barker Vlogs

1057 Days Ago.

East Coast Nursery was recently featured in Casey Barker Vlogs. Watch Casey and partner Nicole start preparing their nursery with our Montreal Wardrobe and Dresser.

She and Hem Review

She and Hem Review "Say Hello" Play Mats

1102 Days Ago.

We always say that our “Say Hello” play mats are big enough for two babies to play together, and Victoria and Jo of She and Hem were kind enough to test this for us with their beautiful babies Ada and Poppy. It looks like the girls had a lot of fun!

Read the full blog post here.

What’s On 4 Kids Awards

What’s On 4 Kids Awards

1134 Days Ago.

We are proud to have been shortlisted in the What’s On 4 Kids Awards, and we need your help with voting for us!

Our “Say Hello” Tummy Time Discovery Toy is nominated in the category Best Product Supporting Children’s Activities at Home.

Please take a minute to support us by clicking here and registering your vote.

Developed in partnership with Baby Sensory, this supportive toy encourages babies to practise tummy time, which has been shown to have vital developmental benefits. You can see Dr Lin Day’s blog about its importance here.

The Tummy Time Discovery Toy features the seven characters from the ‘Say Hello To The Sun’ song, in bright, appealing colours. Sing the song together, practise your signs, and spot the sun, moon, corn, stars, rain, flowers, and friends. The little moon toy even plays the tune when you give it a squeeze.


Sandy Beales and his wife Shanna present their new nursery

Sandy Beales and his wife Shanna present their new nursery

1144 Days Ago.

We were thrilled to see our Anna Cot featured in the beautiful new nursery belonging to Sandy Beales and his wife Shanna.

The Anna Cot has a dropside, making it easier to lift your baby in and out. This is especially handy in the first weeks while you’re recovering from the delivery, and if you’re a shorter parent.

It’s available in a choice of three colours – Antique, Cocoa, and White. The white looks really fresh here, paired with aqua walls and pink bedding. We love the cute wall art too!

Thank you to Sandy and Shanna for sharing these photos. We wish them lots of luck for the arrival of their little girl!


Photo credit: Sandy Beales, via Instagram


2017 BANTA Awards

2017 BANTA Awards

1164 Days Ago.

We received some fantastic results at the BANTA Awards!

Judged by a panel of nursery industry experts, the awards recognise products that offer innovation and value for babies and parents.

Our “Say Hello” To Tummy Time was Highly Commended in the Toys category.

A few minutes of supervised tummy time every day will help to strengthen your baby’s neck and shoulder muscles, preparing them for crawling. It also encourages them to look around, stimulating both sides of the brain, and laying the foundations for later skills.

“Say Hello” To Tummy Time will help your baby to enjoy playing in this position, with gentle support from its gorgeous moon-shaped cushion, and a variety of activities. There’s a peek-a-boo flap, crinkly fabrics, textured teethers and a baby-safe mirror to discover. The little musical star even plays the ‘Say Hello To The Sun’ tune.

Silvercloud were given a Highly Commended award for their new hoodless Moses Basket, but the star of the night was Bébécar.

The Bébécar SpotTech was announced winner of the Travel category. The awards judges said it was:

Stylish and practical with longevity from birth into late toddlerhood with easy umbrella fold.

The newest addition to the “Say Hello” range is now in stock!

The newest addition to the “Say Hello” range is now in stock!

1172 Days Ago.

The “Say Hello “ Dream Comforter is made with super-soft fabrics, to encourage your baby to cuddle up with it. Using a comforter can help your baby learn to soothe themselves, while they’re falling asleep or when they are in a new place.

The sleepy moon and star faces hide on each side of the comforter to play peek-a-boo, teaching your baby that objects still exist even when they cannot be seen.

To celebrate the launch of the “Say Hello” Dream Comforter, we’ve teamed up with four retailers to offer you the chance to win. See our Facebook page for more details; competitions close 24th March.

A Year Of “Say Hello” Developmental Toys

A Year Of “Say Hello” Developmental Toys

1229 Days Ago.

We are celebrating the first birthday of our “Say Hello” toy range!

The collection of 16 toys was developed by East Coast Nursery with Dr Lin Day of Baby Sensory, and based on over 25 years of research into the way babies learn and develop. With her input at every stage, the toys were expertly designed to stimulate thinking, feeling and learning, and encourage healthy social-emotional development in babies and toddlers, by inspiring them to explore the world through sensory play.

Every Baby Sensory class starts with the ‘Say Hello To The Sun’ song, which introduces baby to seven colourful characters from the world around them – the sun, moon, corn, stars, rain, flowers, and friends. These characters feature throughout the “Say Hello” toy range, so they’ll perfectly reinforce the learning of the babies who attend classes, but are equally fun for babies who don’t.

The toys feature colours and patterns that have been carefully chosen for their appeal to young babies; along with textures, peek-a-boo flaps, mirrors, crinkles, jingles and musical tunes. There’s lots to discover, from play mats and gyms, to activity toys, discovery toys and travel toys.

Two Mother & Baby Awards!

Two Mother & Baby Awards!

1283 Days Ago.

We are so proud to have won two Mother & Baby Awards. These awards are thoroughly tested by real parents and babies, so it’s a great chance to see what families think of our products. Here’s what the Mother & Baby testers thought:

360° Dreamer Rocker
2017 Bronze Best Bouncy Chair, Rocker or Seat

Testers said:

“You are really getting a moses basket, a rocker and a bouncer all for one price. It also saves me having to find space for 3 different products. It comes complete with a safety harness and a lovely padded seat unit which can be used for girls or boys. I wish I had the 360° Dreamer Rocker from the day my twins arrived, would have saved me buying 3 different but much-needed baby accessories.”

“I would recommend the 360° Dreamer Rocker to other mothers. It is comfortable for my son to play and sleep in. The colour is gender neutral and soothing. I love that if my son falls asleep in the rocker position, you can gently move it down into a sleeping position without disturbing him. It plays white noise, nature sounds and music so caters for all preferences.”

“The rocker keeps my son entertained and safe. I can do some housework, whilst talking to him knowing he is happy and safe. It is relaxing for my son and helps him drift off to sleep when he is over tired. I like that not only does it vibrate but can also be rocked side to side and back and forth to soothe baby.”

“It has a good range of versatility as it can switch from sitting to laying flat in seconds. It can rock in different directions depending which baby prefers. It is a chair and a day bed with soothing sounds, melodies and vibrate function which is handy for tired little babies in those first few months of life.”

"Say Hello" Friends Double-sided Activity Mat
2017 Bronze Best Baby Toy Under 24 Months

Testers said:

“I would definitely recommend this playmat to another mother, myself and my daughter have had lots of fun playing with it. I especially love the fact it has one side that is bright and colourful and one side that is black and white, such a great sensory product. The playmat is made of a soft material so when my daughter was having tummy time on the mat her face was safe and protected. I love the design that has a cloud teething toy for my daughter’s teething and the mirror so my daughter can see her reflection.”

“When I was looking for an activity mat for my little man, a lot of them are all the same, whereas this was different. I love that it is bright and colourful with friendly characters on one side and the other is a high contrast black and white with red prints. I can’t find anything bad to say about this, it is brilliant . It's a lot thicker than most mats I've tried which is brilliant for baby when laying down. It has everything you would need, and baby has lots of interesting sensory elements for babies. Even the price is good.”

“This mat is fabulous for playtime and tummy time with baby. It’s also large enough for more than one baby, which is great! The mat is also quite thick, so it is nice and comfortable and well padded for a baby who is not far from crawling. The mirror is also a great addition, my baby loves mirrors so was an added bonus. This great mat has gone all around the house with us, it is especially helpful in the kitchen. I can lay or sit my little boy on it while I am cooking or cleaning, which keeps him happy and content playing away. The teether cloud has also been a favourite, which is good for a grumpy teething baby!”