The East Coast Story

It all started in the 1970s, when a problem was leaving parents feeling deflated. Literally.

The changing mats of the day were inflatable, and terrycloth nappies had pins, so you can guess what happened! East Coast Plastics, an established family business in Norfolk who were making a range of plastic products including raincoats and paddling pools, managed to find a solution to the problem of the popping mats. They created a welded PVC mat filled with foam.

40 years later, we still make East Coast changing mats here in the UK, with the same care and attention as those very first mats. Today, the possibilities are almost endless with our advanced printing techniques and mat shapes, we never stop innovating and improving our product.

We’re still owned and run by the same family, on the same site in Norfolk, and our principles remain unchanged. We believe in making high-quality products at affordable prices. In balancing heritage and innovation. In doing what we think is right – sustainable sourcing, careful testing, and supporting local businesses. And we believe that parents and babies deserve the best that we can give them.