Frequently Asked Questions.

Where can I buy your products? Can I buy them from you? [show]
You can’t order anything directly from us, however we supply lots of major retailers, independent shops and online stores. Please check our stockist list to find your local retailers. If there’s something in particular that you’re hoping to see, we’d recommend calling the retailer or contacting us first, to check whether it’s on display.
Which safety standards do your products comply with? [show]
Our products meet or exceed all the relevant British and European safety standards.
My delivery hasn’t arrived yet. Can you help? [show]
Our courier usually delivers between 8am – 6pm, then they should contact you on the day of delivery to give you a 3 hour slot. If you haven’t received a timeslot or haven’t received your parcel in the slot you were expecting, please call us on 01692 408802.
My product has been delivered damaged. What should I do? [show]
If the box is damaged and the courier driver is still there, you can refuse to accept the delivery and mark the paperwork to say that the parcel has been damaged. If you have already signed and accepted the delivery, please call us on 01692 408802.
My item has arrived with missing parts [show]
If you are missing an instruction leaflet, you can download a copy here. If you have received an item with damaged or missing pieces, please call us on 01692 408802
I have an East Coast product that I used for my first baby. Can I order spare parts for it, to use again? [show]
Yes. We sell replacement parts for our products, including fittings packs, highchair harnesses, and parts for furniture. Please call us on 01692 408802 to check prices and stock.
I’ve lost my instruction leaflet, can I request a copy? [show]
Most of our product instruction leaflets are available to download here. If you can’t find the one you’re looking for, or if you need any advice to help with assembly, please call 01692 408802.
Who can I contact to make a complaint? [show]
It’s important for us to know if you’re having problems with an East Coast product. Please contact us here by email or phone, including the details of where you purchased the product.