Nursery Trends 2016

At East Coast Nursery we’ve been designing baby furniture since 1987. We’re passionate about classic design, but we also love researching new trends to bring you the latest looks for your new nursery.

For our latest blog we’ve pulled together our five favourite design trends of 2016 and we’re pleased to say that they’re cuter than ever! So sit back, grab a cuppa and be inspired as you prepare to decorate the most precious room in your home.

Natural Wood

From furniture to wall art, natural wood is making a comeback in nursery décor. Lighter wood is gaining in popularity as it provides a more natural look that adds texture and warmth to a room.  Match your crib/cot with some wall art – a natural wood letter for your child’s initial is a great way to add this trend to your baby's room.

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours are back and a natural fit for your baby’s room. But instead of the obvious pink and blue tones, update the look with vintage tones of green or lilac.  Mix and match your pastels for an eclectic feel that will make the room interesting for your little one.


Chevrons, spots and stripes – geometric lines are finding their way into baby rooms this year. The sharp, clean lines work well with soft neutral tones and stop the room from becoming too mushy. Add edge to your baby’s room with stick-on wall spots, geometric rugs and stripy accessories.

Statement Cot

Cots and cot beds are the centerpiece of the room, and you can find them with a host of modern and exciting designs. Bold cube-inspired designs, bright white, and minimalist lines are making an appearance in baby’s room after years of timid, traditional style dominating nursery décor.

Moon & Stars

Clouds, moons, and stars are the new whimsical trend in nursery design. Sweet but not overly babyish, they make a perfect theme for your little one’s room. Wallpaper, decals, pillows, and mobiles – they sky’s the limit (or maybe not!) for your nursery.

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