Pushchair Buying Guide

Pushchair Buying Guide

Buying a pushchair is one of the biggest purchases you’re likely to make for your new arrival. No doubt you’ll spend hours researching this important piece of kit and still find yourself confused due to the sheer amount of choice available!

The good news is that there’s a pushchair to suit all lifestyles and budgets. So whether you’re an urban family dashing around the city streets, jet setters who like to spend time abroad, or if off-roading in the countryside is more your thing – there’s a perfect pushchair waiting for you and your new family member.

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Photo: Bébécar UK - Spot, Cream Magic (M643)

We spoke to Paul Smith, Manager of Katie’s Playpen in Sidcup, who has been helping customers to find their perfect pushchair for 29 years, to discover his top Do’s and Don’ts…


  • Keep within your budget and invest in a good car seat.

  • Buy a pushchair that suits your lifestyle, (this is one of the first things we ask when selling any nursery product) for example, the type of features that should be high on your list if you do a lot of walking are good suspension, larger wheels, pump up tires and a larger wheel base.

  • Invest in a pushchair to last, look at something that could convert from a single into a double and back into a single.

  • Ask about the latest technology – such as height adjustable seats and breathable fabrics that are non-stain.

  • Read the instructions before buying the pushchair; make sure that it has passed British safety standards.

  • Ensure your pushchair has a warranty – a standard warranty is a year, but some suppliers give two years, others give lifetime warranty on parts.

  • Look for a pushchair with a height adjustable handle if both mum and dad will be using the pushchair.


  • Buy from the internet when purchasing your first pushchair. Always come to a store and test the pram first.

  • Listen to what other people say! People often come into the store convinced they want a certain brand because their friend has it or because they’ve read a review online – but once they’ve seen it and tried it for themselves it’s often not right for them.

  • Sacrifice comfort! Lightweight, more portable pushchairs quite often sacrifice comfort; heavier models usually have better suspension and padding – making it a smoother ride for your little one. The key is finding the balance between the two!

  • Choose looks over durability. Fashion prams look great, but they don’t always last. Practicality should always be top of your wish list, as pushchairs receive more wear, bumps and scratches than any other baby equipment! Yes, you want it to look good, but make sure it’s sturdy too.

  • Assume you will only use your pram while the baby is small - most prams are tested up to 15kg with some up to 25kg, so the pushchair will grow with your child and last until your child no longer needs it.

  • Forget about storage. Think about how you will store your pushchair at home, but also what storage does the pushchair provide for you? Will you need a large basket for shopping? Cup holders and matching bags can also provide handy storage solutions for when you’re out and about.

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Photo: Bébécar UK - One&Two, Silver Shimmer (M402)