Ten Tips for a Happy Bath Time

Ten Tips for a Happy Bath Time

Bath time is the perfect way to end a busy day, providing a calming experience that will help your baby unwind, while providing lots of lovely moments for you and little one to connect. Once you think your baby is ready for a daily bath it’s good to get off to a good start – ensuring that it’s a soothing experience for all involved! Here are our top ten tips for a happy bath time.

  1. Be prepared. It only takes a few minutes but it will make all the difference. Make sure you get everything ready before you start running the bath: Towel, check! Clean nappy, check! Cream or oil, check! Sleepsuit, check! OK, let’s go!

  2. Don’t rush. Give yourself plenty of time, so that bath time is a fun experience and not a race against time. Start the bath earlier if baby is tired, rather than rushing through it.

  3. Routine. Once you find a bath time routine that suits you and your baby, try and stick to it. Babies like routine - it reassures them as they know what to expect. Bath time provides the perfect countdown to bedtime, so your little one will be relaxed and ready to sleep.

  4. Warm up. Make sure the bathroom and the room where you’ll be getting baby ready for bed is nice and warm. Some babies hate being naked, so make sure it’s less of a shock by keeping the temperature nice and cosy.

  1. Run the bath. Run the cold water first and then top up with warm water – this way you’ll know that the temperature is safe – it should be warm but not too hot, between 36-38ºC. Keep the water shallow and mix it up using your hands to avoid hot and cold spots.

  2. Undressing. Place a padded changing mat on the bathroom floor and cover with a warm towel, this will provide a warm and comfy place to undress baby. Take their clothes off slowly with lots of eye contact, smiles and giggles!

  3. Into the water. Now you’re ready to place baby in the bath. Try a baby bath support so that you can keep both hands free to enjoy some play.

  4. Play & Wash. While washing your baby, maintain eye contact and sing songs to reassure your baby and help them to enjoy the water. Introduce simple bath toys, such as a rubber duck that you can show baby and let them hold. Keep play down to five minutes or so, to prevent the water and baby getting too cold.

  1. It’s a wrap! Make sure you have a nice, warm fluffy towel ready for when baby comes out of the bath. A hooded towel is the perfect way to wrap them up quickly and keep baby warm – plus they look adorable in them too!

  2. Final stage. Take baby to your pre-prepared area to get into their pyjamas. In the middle of a bed is a good place, so that you’re both comfy. It’s worth placing a towel down first for any nappy-free mishaps! Let them kick about naked while you massage them with some soothing oil. Again another great opportunity to connect with your baby – with plenty of singing, kisses and smiles as you get them ready for bed.

For a successful bedtime routine, see our bedtime tips blog.

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