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Your new baby comes with a bit of a shopping list, and once you start looking you realise how many products there are to choose from. So how do you know what you’ll need, if you’ve never done this before?

It can help to talk to friends or family who’ve had babies – you’ll find that everyone had that ‘lifesaving’ item they couldn’t have done without.

We asked five East Coast parents which product was a must-have for their baby.

Animal Antics Bouncer

"My most loved baby product was my wire framed bouncer. When my husband had to go back to work, being able to put her down in her bouncer was a lifesaver. I could take it into the bathroom with me and she would sit happily in it while I took a shower, or if I needed to get the housework done. She loved the fact she could kick and bounce herself. This was also a very handy product to have when she first started weaning, as she was weaned quite young due to being a hungry baby - she was too small for a highchair, the bouncer was perfect for her to sit in and be fed."

Jess, mum to E, 3 years

"It was a cot top changer for me. I had two c-sections, and bending in the middle was not very comfortable, so being able to stand to change nappies was fantastic. Also the fact that I was changing baby front-on was good for me, as I can’t get on with the changing on the side. The cot top changer had a standard size mat in rather than the pad, this left a 4 inch gap to the side for a box of tissues, cotton pads, water pot, wipes, and a little rail for a hand towel - best changing station EVER."
Victoria, mum to M, 9 years and M, 3 years


"Here are some pics of J in his Bebecar Easymaxi car seat – one showing when he was young and one when he was a little older. It fitted him well when he was tiny and taking the pads out when he got bigger so he was still comfortable. The car seat was easy to fit in the car, then popped straight on chassis when we went out."

Cassie, mum to J, 4 years


"Muslins! I had no idea how many I’d need, so I started with a pack of six like everyone gets, and I think I must’ve ended up with over 20. He suffered pretty badly with reflux and would spit up about half of every feed, so I always had a muslin over my shoulder, one in my back pocket, and three in the baby bag (and the rest in the wash!) We also used them for improvised bibs, to lay out on public changing tables if we forgot our travel mat, or for play props – the ‘washing on the line’ song was one of the first things that made him really laugh."

Louise, mum to D, 2 years

"We had a changer with open shelves, which was really easy because everything I needed was right there ready to grab and I could still keep one hand on him. We used to put the top & tail bowl under there, with half full of water and the other half empty to put the dirty cotton wool into."

Phil, dad to C, 5 years