Post-baby hacks to make life (a little) easier

Ok, we know that parenting is a wonderful thing, but it can also be tiring and stressful, especially when you’re sleep deprived!  To help you keep your cool, we’ve put together a few of our favourite tips to help make life a little bit easier for you during baby’s first year.



• In the first few weeks you’ll be changing your baby’s nappy up to 10 times per day! So make life easy for yourself by creating changing stations in various rooms of your home – there’s nothing worse than having to rummage through your nappy bag or run upstairs for a last minute nappy change when you were all ready to go out! A box or basket containing wipes, nappies, nappy sacks and changing mat should be placed in a couple of rooms or on each floor of your house.
• If, (or should we say when), you experience a ‘poosplosion’ remember that baby vests are designed with wide necks so that you can take it down your baby’s body rather than over their head!
• When changing your baby’s nappy, place a new one directly underneath the dirty one – so once you’ve cleaned their bottom and deposited the wipes in the old nappy, you can simply lift it away and you’ll have a fresh one right there!  This saves time and if your baby is a boy, it reduces the risk of being peed on!



• Give the highchair another purpose. Fix a hook to the back of your baby’s highchair where you can hang all of their bibs. It’ll save you time and stress for those occasions when baby is hungry and grumpy.
• When you start weaning it’s best to embrace the mess.  However, you can be clever by wearing an apron and using a handy splash mat – they’ll save you additional laundry and make cleaning up easier – every little helps!
• Invest in some highchair toys that stick to the tray of the chair, to distract your baby while you prepare the food – it’ll buy you some precious time if you’re running late or waiting for the food to cool down.


• For a more relaxed journey make sure you give your baby some in-car entertainment! An activity spiral for their car seat or for rear-facing babies an activity centre will keep them calm and happy while you drive.
• For plane or train journeys make sure they have a pushchair toy or stroller book to help keep them happy and prevent boredom setting in!
• As well as spare clothes for your baby, it can be a good idea to have a change of clothes for you in the baby bag. If your baby is sitting on your lap during a long train, bus or flight, a dropped snack or leaking nappy can put a damper on the fun.



• If you want to swaddle your baby but can’t quite get the hang of it – cheat with a zip up or velcro version. You don’t have to do any complicated folds or worry about your baby coming undone or getting chilly in the middle of the night, with this handy invention.
• Baby sleeping bags stop little ones kicking off the covers in the night and waking up cold. Look for designs with zips around the bottom to make nighttime nappy changes easier.
• Put baby to sleep with background noise. White noise is an effective way of soothing infants. The sound blocks out extraneous noise and simulates being in the womb. Not only does it soothe a baby – but it can help you to relax too – helping the whole family sleep better! Download a white noise soundtrack or app and see for yourself.