"Say Hello" Patchwork Activity Mat
"Say Hello" Patchwork Activity Mat

Featuring colourful prints, fascinating patterns and friendly characters, the Patchwork Activity Mat is a delightful place for your baby to play. They will love discovering the mirror, teether and peek-a-boo flap, and exploring the textures of the mat.

The Patchwork Activity Mat is a large mat packed with sensory activities, making it ideal for two babies to play together. The soft, quilted mat is perfect for indoor and outdoor play.

The mat features a colourful print, including the seven characters from the Baby Sensory ‘Say Hello to the Sun’ song, and a variety of textures and activities to explore. It encourages baby to enjoy tummy time play, and stimulates crawling.

Part of the “Say Hello” range of intelligent toys, developed by East Coast in partnership with Baby Sensory.

Suitable from birth.



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